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Admiral Nelson offers a large and varied selection of 17th to the 19th Century, nautical & maritime antiques including: ship's anchors, ship's bells, pilot wheels, flags, navigational instruments, swords, guns (flintlock & percussion), cannonballs, bar shot, sailor's accouterments, vintage nautical art, and shipwreck treasure, artifacts and relics, from many famous Caribbean, English, South American, African, Spanish, and American shipwrecks. Among the more famous are the Atocha, Margarita,
Rooswijk, Concepcion, Black Joke, El Cazador and several others. We specialize in nautical and naval items from the era of the Golden Age of Piracy and the Era of Blackbeard!

Additionally we offer early Colonial Period items such as coins and artifacts used in Colonial America as well as the Caribbean Islands, including a nice selection of Spanish coins and Spanish, French and British cannonballs from the 1692 under water city of Port Royal, Jamaica.  
Spanish Colonial / British - American Colonial / Spanish Main, items are a specialty.
We also feature authentic American Revolution and Civil War antiquities, artifacts and relics, which include pieces from the Battle of Gettysburg. All of these items are available in our Gettysburg Shoppe. Pirate antiquities, artifacts, relics and pirate regalia are a specialty. We currently have a nice and varied selection of original bronze and cast iron ship's bells, including some WW2 Navy.
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Pirates arrrr We!

16th Century Spanish, Toledo Steel dagger, found in a Spanish salvor's camp, in southern Brevard County, just inshore from Florida's famous Treasure Coast. The camp was either a survivor's camp or a salvor's camp which salvaged the 1715 Fleet in 1715-16. The handle was probably replaced in the early 18th Century, with Mesquite wood, obtained in the New World (Mexico), and pinned with a bronze pin,  the back being filled in with lead. A rare and unique dagger! The inscription is early Spanish  - pre 16th Century. Comes with COA from the original salvor. Email for info.....
18th Century Naval Cutlass. Pirate? This is a crudely, inexpensively made cutlass for the arsenal of a merchant or pirate ship. This is exactly the type of weapon which were often stored in the ship's hold and stuck in a barrel containing lard or grease and contained many like cutlasses to be dispersed when battle was eminent. The weapons were sharpened and maintained between engagements, and were seldom issued with scabbards. These could be quickly and cheaply made and although cost effective, were a formidable weapon in the hands of a skilled seaman. The Pirate, Blackbeard lost his head by a cutlass! This cutlass features a thick carbon steel blade, with a blood groove, stopped fullers, and a full tang, peened over the guard. It has seen some serious use, and has two cuts, about an eighth of an inch long, which can be seen in the center photo. The guard is hammered brass, with a wood handle, covered with leather. Overall length _____". Blade is ____"
Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson

Admiral Nelson Coat of Arms
British cannonballs from the 1692 underwater city of Port Royal, on the Island of Jamaica. These iron cannonballs were found along Morgan's line, which was lost to the sea in the great earth-quake of 1692.  They were recovered by diver,  David Davis in the early 1950's, and remained in the family until recently.
Top left: British 6 pounder. $395.00 Nice!
Top right: British 9 pounder. $290.00
Bottom: British 9 pounder. $315.00
We also have two rare, Spanish 16 pounders, one from Port Royal and one from the 1733 Fleet. All have COA's.
The two 9 pounders are still coral encrusted.
British cannonballs from the wicked pirate city of Port Royal,
considered by many to be the Sodom and Gomorah of the  New World, lost in the 1692 earthquake.
We also have 2 rare Spanish 16 pounders, one Port Royal and one 1733 Fleet.
All have letters of provenance, COAs.
Left, British ship's bell with the cipher of King George V. This is the official ship's bell for Admiral Nelson Shipwreck Treasure & Pyrate Shoppe.
Right foreground: 2 British 6 pounder cannon balls and a very rare, Spanish 15 pounder, found in the underwater City of Port Royal dating from 1692!
A rum bottle from 1692 Port Royal, a British bar shot and a wooden leg from the 1962 movie, Mutiny on the Bounty, starring Marlon Brando, with a COA from the original prop maker! Wooden Leg with COA $550.00 Sold 9-14. Thanks Sharon!
60" oak ship's wheel, with a heavy iron hub, made in Germany. Late 19th - Early 20th Century. Excellent! $895.00  Sold 7-15
Just a few of the many Nautical and Naval Antiques on display in at Admiral Nelson's Shoppe in Gettysburg, Pa. Set sail for Admiral Nelson's port soon!
Bronze Naval (WWII) and nautical ship's bells.
Wooden bowl made from an oak timber with a copper plaque made from salvaged copper sheathing, which were obtained from Admiral Nelson's flagship at Trafalgar, H. M. S. Victory, during its restoration at the end of the 19th Century. This item, and similar items were sold to finanance the restoration.  Sold 3-15. Thanks Kathryn!
Section of an oak timber with a bronze pin, embossed with the British Broad Arrow, from the restoration of H. M. S. Victory, at the turn of the 19th Century.
On hold.
1715 Plata Fleet Dagger ....$2600.00  Sale: $1550.00
18th Century Naval Cutlass............$1200.00  Sale: $795.00 SOLD 10-15  Thanks, Shawn!
Revolutionary War, Cavalry Sabre. Hand forged, steel blade and brass guard, rosewood handle. Made by an unknown maker, for the Bicentenial, in 1976. Extremely high quality workmanship! Leather over wood Scabbard. $600.00
Sale: $350.00
Civil War Peg Leg C. S. A.
Original peg leg from an old Texas collection. This is Civil War era, or earlier and is only missing the leather straps. Probably native to the area, appears to be Mesquite wood, hand hewn, with iron mountings. Superb craftsmanship! Weathered, nice patina, very possibly used by a seaman.    $750.00
Arrr! Tis me wooden leg named Smith!
Pirate Wooden, Peg Leg!     (Below)
Wooden leg from the Hollywood blockbusters.
Sony pictures, (MGM) prop from several Pirate movies during its MGM career. Rare item!
With original Sony tag. Excellent condition.
Very authentic looking - quite useable. $650.00 Sale: $285.00
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Admiral Nelson's bell
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Ship's Bell, Kaye & Company.
Louisville, Kentucky. Circa 1860, probably Civil War. Confederate used? Maybe. Note the hole through the side. I believe this to be a bullet hole from a .36 or .44 caliber Colt revolver or similar weapon and caliber.
William Kaye, founded Kaye & Co. in 1841, in Louisville. Kaye & Co. was famous for its brass and bell works. William Kaye was elected mayor of Louisville in 1863 - 1865. Served as Chief of Police for a year after his service of mayor and served on town council. Kaye was not a secessionist, but was supported by many Confederate sympathizers.
Kaye & Co. made bells and brass items before and during the Civil War. Kentucky was a border state with many Southern sympathizers and many a Kentucky man joined the Confederate Army. The most famous being the 1st Kentucky, Orphan Brigade. The State of Kentucky tried to remain neutral, but eventually made its allegiance with the North.
Kentucky was the birthplace of  USA President Abraham Lincoln and CSA President, Jefferson Davis. Also, Gen. John Buford, of Gettysburg fame, hailed from Kentucky.
I had ancestors on both sides of the War of Northern Agression. I am not biased. Har! Har!

This bell could have very well served as a ship's bell on a Confederate vessel. Union vessels would have bells made in the Northern foundaries.  Perhaps this bell was used in another capacity, but the size (8.5" high - 8 in diameter at mouth) renders it the perfect size for onboard a ship.  Irregardless, it is a rare Southern made, Civil War era bell, with what I believe to be a bullet hole through the side. See photos. Very unusual Civil War bell from a known Southern maker. Even without the Civil War association, it is still a rare bell. Brass alloy with its original iron clapper. Nice aged patina, and a nice ring tone. 
Proudly on display in our Gettysburg Shoppe.  $1500.00  Sale: $900.00
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19th Century, cast iron bell.
Civil War Ship's Bell C. S. A. ?  Kaye & Co.  Louisville, Kentucky
Civil War Wooden Leg from Vicksburg, Mississippi.   This wooden leg came with an oral history claiming that it was used by a Confederate Veteran from Vicksburg, MS. >>>>
We have no reason to doubt the Confederate connection, as it is certainly C. W. era, being entirely hand hewn with period hardware and leather.
<<<<<<  Confederate Veteran used Civil War wooden leg.
All original, unique hand hewn with all hardware, missing only leather hold down straps, which can be easily replaced if you desire. Museum Quality!                  Priced to sell: $1500.00
Sale: $850.00
C. S. A. Confederate Veteran used Wooden Leg
We have a nice selection of 18th - 19th Century and WWII Ship's Bells.
Parley matey?
18th Century Naval Cutlass
Various Nautical Antiques in our Shoppe
WWII Bronze
$350.00 Sold 12-14
Thanks Rachel!
  Extremely rare WWII 1945 Greenberg.
Call for price
Sold 1-14
All Nautical
Antiques and weaponry have been drastically reduced in price, to make room for more coin display areas in me shoppe.
Take advantage of the lowest prices ever on these items!
Rum bottle from Port Royal Harbor.
3 Piece mold,
Probably British, note air bubbles.
Early / Mid 1700's.
Lower Price!
From the 1692 Sunken City of Port Royal. Salvaged by David Davis in the 1960's, with letter of
provenance from Davis Jr.
Price: Sold!
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Lots of bubbles.
H.M.S. Victory
The bottle in the case to the left is also from the 1692 Sunken City of Port Royal.
I believe this to be a British rum bottle also.
3 piece mold air bubbles.
A bit more cruder than the one above. Dates to early to mid 1700's. Port Royal was an active harbor through the 19th Century.
$225.00 COA
Sold! 9-14.
Thanks Sharon!

Big One! - Sold!
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All Nautical items on this page have been greatly reduced in price! Buy now while
ye can strike a bargain! Savvy?
All items on this page have been greatly reduced in price to make room for more coin displays in me shoppe.
Buy now while ye still can strike a bargain!
Early American or Mexican, Copper, Porringer with a 1749 Spanish 8 reales, Pillar Dollar inserted in the bottom of the Bowl. Unique piece!
Sold 4-15.
Thank you Jess!
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Civil War albumen photo of a horse drawn wagon and Union soldiers standing in front of a former slave dealer's building in Alexandria, Virginia. This of course is right across the Potomac river from Washington D. C. This photo is displayed here with a reprint of the glass negative in the National Archives, bearing the original negative number in the lower right corner. The albumen photo is original Civil War, with no backmark on the reverse. The second smaller view, was made a little darker for clarity. This is a consignment piece and is priced at $1195.00. Photo is housed in an acid free acrylic holder. Guaranteed authentic C. W.
Sold! 12-14
British Naval Officer's Sword. Model 1827, Lion's Head. This is a turn of the Century, circa 1890-1900 era.
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Here's a nice, model 1827, British Naval Officer's Sword from around the turn of the Century. This is a brass mounted lion's head sword, wooden, smimulated ivory grips, wire wrapped. It has the foulded naval anchor with the crown overhead on the brass guard, and on the scabbard drag. The high carbon steel blade is etched, with floral and other motifs. The brass guard has a fold down lock to secure it in the scabbard. Scabbard is steel, leather covered, with brass mounts, and a brass throat. Blade has some dark spots, but no heavy rust. Scabbard has a 3 1/2" spot in the center where the leather is missing. Brass O rings, on the first and second scabbard mounts for the hanger frogs. Overall a nice looking, earlier, British Naval sword.  $225.00  Sold ! 1-16.
Sold 7-15.