Admiral Nelson  
Shipwreck Treasure & Pyrate Shoppe
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

   Purveyors and Traders of authentic Naval & Nautical antiquities, and genuine shipwreck treasure & coins.  
No Boardwalk Junk!  Highest quality, bona fide; artifacts, accouterments, and pirate regalia & equippage!
Pirate treasure and plunder from the Seven Seas! A unique Nautical Experience! Come aboard mateys! Savvy?
The Nelson Touch!
Admiral Nelson
Shipwreck Treasure & Pirate Shoppe
  Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
A Pirate and Scallywag Haven!
Sail over to our brick and mortar, Treasure & Pyrate Shoppe (it really is brick) in historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. We are located downtown,  1/2 block South from Lincoln Square, on Baltimore Street.
Specializing in genuine Shipwreck Treasure, Nautical antiquities, Naval artifacts, Reenactor quality Pirate regalia, Accouterments, Weapons and Equippage. Captain Steven Nelson, Proprietor.
Most of the items pictured on the following pages are one of a kind antiques, displayed for sale in our Gettysburg shop and once these items sell, there are no more, unless a similar item is found. It is difficult to sell in a physical store and online with a non restockable inventory. Therefore, we have decided not to price all items or put payment buttons beside any items. If you are interested in an item, priced or not, we will appreciate you emailing or calling us to check for availability. Most items will be priced, especially those which we stock regularly and can be shipped via U. S. Mail or UPS, at a nominal fee for your convenience.
Thank ye, mateys!
Famous pirate quote: Buy what ye can - Bring nothing back!

Admiral Nelson
Shipwreck Treasure Shoppe
NelSons of Liberty Shoppe

Located in the Antique Center of Gettysburg - 30 Baltimore Street
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Pirates arrr we! Savvy? Please visit our new flag shoppe!
Keep a weather eye on the tides!
Our dearly departed,
Cap'n Hezekiah Flynt.
Seems he failed to duck and took a .69 calibre pistol ball to his noggin.
Flynt's likeness, ere his dry bones, be here honored on this hand crafted Pyrate flag. R.I.P. Arrr-men!
Under the Black Flag!
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Ask, and ye may be given permission to use an image with proper credit given. Savvy?  Cap'n
Last surviving flag from the
Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. This Union Jack was presented to Scots sailor, Lt. James Clephan, by the crew of his ship, Spartiete, after the epic battle. This flag was handmade by the crew from 31 seperate pieces of bunting.  Note the flying splinter holes, suffered in the battle. The flag was discovered recently, after remaining in Clephan's family for over 200 years, and is still in remarkable condition. Recently auctioned, the flag is in a  private collection. >>>> 
This is not our flag.
Andre Miniatures: "Admiral Nelson" This is a very high quality military minature. It is quite complimentary to the Admiral, says I. How about that detail on the hooded eye covering attached to the Admiral's British Naval Hat. The Admirals blind eye was very light sensitive, after being injured by a flying splinter in battle.
Captain Nelson's Colours
Couleurs de Capitaine Nelson
Jolie Rouge et Noir Pirate Drapeau.
Time is Running Out!
Surrender or Die!
Tredo vel Intereo!
Vicis est Cursor Sicco!
Captain Nelson's Colours
Original oil painting on canvas.
An historically accurate rendition of an early, original pirate flag. These early pirate flags were crudely painted by the most artistic members of the crew on old sail cloth, and represented the "symbol of death*, the skull and crossbones, and in many cases an hour glass which signified, "Time is running out - Surrender or Die! "
Sometimes the flags were pieced together of cut out sail cloth, instead of being painted.
Many of the earlier flags were a blood red colour.  The French referred to them as the Jolie Rouge drapeau (pretty red flag). This is where the infamous phrase, Jolly Roger originated.
Later in the Golden Age of Piracy, the flags became more elaborate and sophisticated. Many captains and crews displayed their own unique traits on their flags, emblazoning them with symbols and colorful characters, to enhance their reputations. However personalized, they always stuck with the basic theme; If you do not surrender - you die!
* Many early tombstones  featured the symbol of death displayed on them to scare the living into leading a good life. This death symbol was universally recognized and therefore used to label bottles and vessels of poison.
Close up of the oil on canvas pirate flag. T M Cpyright 2013
Steven Nelson

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The Star Spangled Banner
War of 1812
Fort McHenry 1814

Original flag is on display at the Smithsonian Institute in Wahington D. C.
Oh say does that Star - Spangled Banner yet wave,
O'er the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!
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Genuine Shipwreck Coins - Gold Doubloons,
Silver Pieces of Eight
Me name be feared through out the Caribbean and the New World - the Spanish Main!
Naval & Nautical Antiquities,
Shipwreck Jewelry, Pirate Regalia and Equippage.

Captain Steven Nelson
Black Sails
Steven Nelson - Dread Pirate
Captain Steven Nelson
Dread Pirate & Proprietor
Scotland the Brave
Me dear Mother's side of the family
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Captain Nelson
We have decided to discontinue the Pirate Shoppe, and trade in only Shipwreck coins Early Americana, and historical flags, specializing in the Revolutionary and Civil War eras. Please visit our other website:

All items on this site are available for purchase, but all items may not be in our shoppe. Please call or email first if making a visit to the shoppe for a specific item.

The Skull & Bones be me calling card!
See the
1622 Atocha Ship-
cobs with
Fisher COAs.

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